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United Vehicle Leasing's Frequently Asked Questions


  • Does my lease come with insurance?

    No, insurance isn’t included in any of our leases, however, you just need to insure it as you would with any vehicle – Just make sure to specify that your vehicle is registered and owned by the lease company and make sure you choose a fully comprehensive insurance.

  • Who supplies my car?

    We use a combination of dealerships and finance companies in order to offer you our most competitive rates. We use dealers nationwide in order to get the best deals and delivery experience.

  • Which finance companies do you use?

    We work with most of the UK’s major finance companies in order to get you the best price and to improve your chances of credit acceptance.

  • Does my lease come with maintenance?

    No, as standard our vehicles are maintained by the customer. However, we can provide a full service and maintenance package quote to give you peace of mind and hassle-free experience.

  • What about the road tax?

    All of our vehicles include road tax so you don’t need to worry.

  • Who is United Vehicle Leasing?

    United Vehicle Leasing is a contract hire and leasing company based in Manchester. We have a team with combined industry knowledge of over 70 years who are dedicated to providing you with the best service possible

  • Does my lease include delivery?

    Most of our leases come with free delivery within the UK to your work or home address. There may be extra charges to deliver outside of England but our team will ensure you know about this prior to delivery.

  • Do I need to show any documents?

    Yes, we need to view documentation in order to prove your address to get your finance in place. Usually, we request a driving license, passport, and a utility bill dated in the last 90 days which must show your current home address. In certain circumstances, we will request
    additional documentation if you’re not on the electoral roll or have recently moved address.

  • How long does the process take?

    The process usually takes anywhere from a few weeks. As soon as your vehicle has arrived at the dealer it will be a matter of days before you’ll have your shiny new vehicle delivered.

  • Will I be credit checked?

    Yes, we will ask you for information such as income, address history, and employment history. For a business lease, we may ask you for information on your directors and partners. We can fill out a finance proposal over the phone and assist you, or we can send you a link to a secure webpage whereby you can fill out all of your relevant information. We can then send this over to the finance company upon completion so they can make a credit decision.

  • What is the excess mileage charge?

    All of our leases are subject to an annual mileage. This helps determine the depreciation of the vehicle during the course of your lease. If you go over your mileage, the finance company may charge you an excess mileage fee – We’re happy to disclose this before you take out the agreement.

  • What about a warranty?

    All vehicles will come with the manufactures standard warranty – We will assist you with any questions regarding specific manufactures upon request.

  • Can I take my car abroad?

    Of course! There are a few exceptions with certain finance companies however most leased vehicles can be driven within Europe. You will need to notify your finance company as they will need to supply you with a DVLA form in order to provide you with permission along with any admin fees they may charge. However, we’re more than happy to help you out with this.

  • I’ve got a fine, what happens with this?

    Usually, since the lease is registered to a specific finance company they will pay the bill. However, they will then invoice you for any fees plus any administration charges.

  • Do I need to service my lease vehicle?

    You will only need to service your car/van if it is due a scheduled service before the return of the vehicle. If your vehicle is showing it requires service after your vehicle has been collected you may be charged for this.

  • I’ve damaged my vehicle, what do I do?

    If the damage falls outside of the fair wear and tear guide, you must get the damage repaired before the vehicle goes back at the end of the agreement. Failing to do so may incur you extra charges.

  • What happens at the end of my contract?

    A few months before your vehicle is due to end, the finance company will send out a guide with a few timescales on it in order to prepare you. Our team will also be in touch to help source you a new vehicle in time for your vehicle being returned. You don’t need to worry about selling the vehicle on as we do all the work for you.

  • Is there an age limit?

    While there’s no maximum age limit on our lease deals, you are required to be 18+ and hold a full valid driving license.

  • What happens if my vehicle breaks down?

    If you don’t have a maintained contract, chances are you may still be covered for a breakdown as part of the manufacturer’s warranty. If you have a maintained contract, call your finance company to discuss the next steps.


Have we missed something? If we don’t answer all of your questions here, feel free to call us on 0161 791 0101 – We’re here to help you!